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Joplin Humane Pet Sponsorship - $70.00 eachSponsor me for only $60
Please email Connie Andrews at: or call:  417-623-3642 x109 to complete your sponsorship donation.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference in the life of a homeless pet in our shelter. Sponsorship is a simple way to dramatically impact the life of a pet, even if you are unable to visit the shelter and adopt, volunteer or foster.

By choosing a pet to sponsor and making a single or recurring monthly donation, you will be not only helping the shelter provide food and medical care for him or her, but also increasing the likelihood that the pet will be adopted or rescued.

Pets that are sponsored will be eligible for FEE WAIVED ADOPTION to approved families. Your sponsored pet will be marketed individually on our website and our Facebook page with a description and acknowledgment of your sponsorship. You can even promote your sponsored pet by sharing him on your Facebook Page!

Sponsorships also make wonderful Holiday or Birthday gifts to your animal loving friends or family members! Joplin Humane will notify your recipient with a picture and story of the pet you have sponsored in their name!

Choosing to sponsor a pet also increases the likelihood that the pet may be chosen by a Rescue Group. These groups play a tremendous part in our lifesaving mission; by taking animals from our shelter and placing them into a foster home while their perfect home is found. Many times these rescues have waiting lists for pets; many get to move directly from the shelter to their forever home. Your sponsorship can cover the costs required for the necessary vetting of the pet, helping both the non-profit rescue AND the pet! The rescue group the takes a pet from our shelter really save TWO LIVES, the life of the chosen pet and the one who may then take his empty cage.

One of the most frequent questions we hear is "How can I make a difference?” Sponsorship is a simple way you can make ALL the difference to the pet you choose to help!


Sponsorship FAQ

Q: When I sponsor a pet, does it guarantee that the pet will be adopted?

A: Sponsorship does not guarantee adoption, but it makes the pet "featured” and fee waived which makes it more likely for a pet to be adopted quickly.

Q: Does my sponsorship "expire”?

A: Sponsorship does not expire, however, if the pet you sponsor is not adopted within 60 days, he or she will be eligible for a Level Two Sponsorship. A Level Two Sponsorship is $100 and is to help defray the cost to provide for the day to day care of pets that stay long term. On the average, it costs us $7.15 per day to care for each animal. A pet does not have to receive a Level Two Sponsorship, but these secondary sponsorships will allow us to continue this lifesaving program.


Q: My Sponsored Pet will never have to be "put to sleep”, right?


A: We don’t ever want to have to choose euthanasia for any animal. We do not euthanize animals for "space”, so a pet, sponsored or not, will never be euthanized because he or she has been here too long or our shelter is too full.Sadly, pets in the shelter, especially those who stay long term, may develop behavior issues which make the pet unsafe for adoption. Kennel stress can cause pets that did well at intake to become aggressive to other pets and people. If these problems cannot be re mediated by behavior modification or changes in schedule and environment, we may need to make the decision to humanely euthanize the pet.

We are not able to place pets into homes that try to harm people or other pets. It is also possible that a pet may develop an illness so debilitating that the prognosis of recovery is poor. If our veterinarian feels that recovery is unlikely or that the pet is suffering, the pet will be euthanized. Behavioral or medical necessitated euthanasia of sponsored pet happens very rarely, and, if we feel it is a necessary choice for the pet you sponsored, you will receive a phone call. We promise, all other options will be exhausted before this choice is made. Our goal is, and will always continue to be, to save the lives of animals in need no matter their circumstance.

Are you ready to help us save a life? Please contact Connie Andrews by email at: or by phone at: 417-623-3642 x109.





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